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Stock Company Sector Dividend Franking Yield Price Star Rating
AADArdent Leisure GrpConsumer Services $0.0750.0%3.52%$2.13
ABCAdelaide BrightonMaterials $0.2100.0%3.53%$5.66
ABPAbacus Prop GrpReal Estate $0.17250.0%5.03%$3.43
ABWAurora Absolute RetNot Applic $0.03470.0%7.23%$0.48
ACKAustock GrpInsurance $0.020.0%2.78%$0.72
ADAAdacel TechSoftware & Services $0.0350.0%1.48%$2.36
AEFAust EthicalDiversified Financials $2.3100.0%2.56%$89.75
AFIAust FoundationNot Applic $0.24100.0%4.17%$5.75
AIAAuckland Intl AirportTransportation $0.17782.1%2.68%$6.63
AIBAurora Global Inc TrDiversified Financials $0.06270.0%7.65%$0.82
AIZAir New ZealandTransportation $0.18910.0%6.22%$3.04
AJAAstro Jap Prop GrpReal Estate $0.390.0%5.99%$6.51
AJDAsia Pacific DataReal Estate $0.09720.0%5.6%$1.74
ALFAust Leaders FundDiversified Financials $0.0977.8%7.35%$1.23
ALRAberdeen LeadersDiversified Financials $0.05100.0%4.31%$1.16
ALUAltiumSoftware & Services $0.2147.1%2.3%$9.15
AMAAMA GrpRetailing $0.022100.0%2.34%$0.94
AMBAmbition GrpCommercial & Professional Services $0.010.0%6.25%$0.16
AMCAmcorMaterials $0.54220.0%3.32%$16.35
AMPAMPInsurance $0.2890.0%5.51%$5.08
ANNAnsellHealth Care Equipment & Services $0.57340.0%2.35%$24.41
ANZANZ Banking GrpBanks $1.6100.0%5.69%$28.12
APAAPA GrpUtilities $0.430.0%4.47%$9.61
APDAPN Prop GrpDiversified Financials $0.0175100.0%4.55%$0.39
APEAP EagersRetailing $0.35100.0%4.48%$7.82
APIAust PharmaceuticalHealth Care Equipment & Services $0.07100.0%3.76%$1.86
APZAspen GrpReal Estate $0.0670.0%6.15%$1.09
AQFAust Gov Index FundDiversified Financials $0.06100.0%3.14%$1.91
ARAAriadne AustCommercial & Professional Services $0.01535.0%1.94%$0.78
ARFArena REITReal Estate $0.120.0%5.17%$2.32
ARGArgo InvestNot Applic $0.305100.0%4%$7.62
ASBAustalCapital Goods $0.040.0%2.11%$1.90
ASLAusdrillMaterials $0.02100.0%1.16%$1.73
ASWAdvanced Share RegDiversified Financials $0.0435100.0%5.65%$0.77
ASXASXDiversified Financials $2.01100.0%3.86%$52.14
AUBAUB GrpInsurance $0.405100.0%3.11%$13.01
AUIAust United InvestDiversified Financials $0.34100.0%4.15%$8.20
AUPAurora PropNot Applic $0.43940.0%9.76%$4.50
AVJAVJenningsReal Estate $0.05100.0%7.81%$0.64
AWCAluminaMaterials $0.0789100.0%4.23%$1.87
AYFAust EnhancedNot Applic $0.3539.6%5.76%$6.08
AZJAurizon HldgsTransportation $0.26970.0%4.97%$5.41
BBLBrisbane BroncosMedia $0.0075100.0%1.67%$0.45
BELBentley CapitalDiversified Financials $0.010.0%7.41%$0.14
BENBendigo&Adelaide BkBanks $0.68100.0%6.31%$10.78
BFGBell Financial GrpDiversified Financials $0.055100.0%8.8%$0.63
BGABega CheeseFood$0.1100.0%1.71%$5.85
BHPBHP BillitonMaterials $0.716993.7%3.12%$22.99
BKIBKI InvestDiversified Financials $0.0725100.0%4.52%$1.61
BKLBlackmoresHousehold & Personal Products $3.4100.0%3.7%$91.92
BKWBrickworksMaterials $0.49100.0%3.41%$14.39
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