Upcoming Dividends

Below is the list of Australian publicly listed companies that have announced dividends and ex-dividend dates. Click on the column headings to sort. Clicking once will sort in ascending order and clicking a second time will sort in descending order.

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Stock Company Amount Franking Franking Credit Ex-Dividend Date Date Payable Share Price
1ALONEALL IN LIMITED$0.0150%$0.0023-04-201930-04-2019$0.00
ACQACORN CAP INV FUND$0.035100%$0.01502-05-201921-05-2019$0.00
APIAUSTRALIAN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES$0.0375100%$0.0160702-05-201931-05-2019$0.00
ASGAUTOSPORTS GRP LTD.$0.02100%$0.0085716-05-201931-05-2019$0.00
BOQBANK OF QUEENSLAND$0.34100%$0.1457101-05-201922-05-2019$0.00
CBCCBG CAPITAL LIMITED$0.017100%$0.0072902-05-201923-05-2019$0.00
CDMCADENCE CAPITAL$0.03100%$0.0128629-04-201913-05-2019$0.00
CIMCIMIC GROUP LTD$0.86100%$0.3685713-06-201904-07-2019$0.00
EASEASTON INVESTMENTS$0.01100%$0.0042924-04-201910-05-2019$0.00
JMSJUPITER MINES.$0.0250%$0.0006-05-201921-05-2019$0.00
KMDKATHMANDU HOLDINGS$0.03290%$0.0006-06-201921-06-2019$0.00
MFFMFF CAPITAL INV LTD$0.015100%$0.0064326-04-201917-05-2019$0.00
NWHNRW HOLDINGS LIMITED$0.02100%$0.0085723-04-201908-05-2019$0.00
OMHOM HOLDINGS LIMITED$0.020%$0.0002-05-201931-05-2019$0.00
PMVPREMIER INVESTMENTS$0.33100%$0.1414330-05-201914-06-2019$0.00
PTBPTB GROUP$0.07100%$0.0306-05-201931-05-2019$0.00
RHPRHIPE LTD$0.01100%$0.0042909-05-201924-05-2019$0.00
RICRIDLEY CORPORATION$0.015100%$0.0064323-04-201910-05-2019$0.00
SNCSANDON CAPITAL LTD$0.035100%$0.01516-05-201928-05-2019$0.00
SSTSTEAMSHIPS TRADING$0.4239230%$0.0029-04-201905-07-2019$0.00
UOSUNITED OVERSEAS AUST$0.020%$0.0021-05-201910-06-2019$0.00
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There are over 850 Australian publicly listed companies that pay regular dividends.

Usually these companies pay dividends twice per year, normally six months apart, as an Interim dividend and as a Final dividend. However there are a significant number of companies and listed funds that pay dividends quarterly.

Listed companies may also pay a Special dividend. This is usually done to return surplus cash to share holders or in response to a particular event (for example, selling a large asset).

Below is the list of Australian publicly listed companies that have announced dividends and ex-dividend dates.

Ex-Dividend Date

The day on which a company’s shares no longer come attached with the right to be paid the most recent dividend and franking credit is termed the ex-dividend date. Prior to this date, the share is said to be cum-dividend (that is ‘with dividend’). On and after the ex-dividend date the stock becomes ex-dividend (meaning ‘without dividend’). Holders of shares purchased on previous dates will receive the dividend even if they now sell the stock, whereas anyone who now buys the stock now will not receive the dividend.

Dividend payments are not made until the payment date. Shareholders who purchase share prior to the ex-dividend date can sell their shares anytime from and including the ex-dividend date and prior to the payment date and still receive the dividend payment.

All other things being equal, the share price should fall by the roughly the amount of the dividend on the ex-dividend date. This reflects the decrease in the company’s assets resulting from the declaration of the dividend. For franked shares, often the share will fall by the value of the grossed up dividend. In practice, many other factors effect the actual change in the share price on the ex-dividend date.

In the next post we examine the empirical evidence as to whether or not dividend stripping can provide a sustainable edge over the Australian share market.

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