The Dividend Destroyers

This infamous list includes stocks that have reduced their dividend payments consistently or stopped paying dividends altogether.

The criteria to become a member of this list are that the stock must have been paying dividends for at least five years and the trend in dividend payments has been declining. One off increases in dividends are discounted if the company has a history of decreasing or missing dividends.

Generally, the share market sees a reduction in dividends as a signal of poor performance and will discount the company’s share price immediately and substantially.

There are several acceptable of positive reasons why companies may reduce or stop dividend payments. These are:

  • To conserve cash for a new investment opportunity that will result in a longer term increase in earnings and possibly dividends.
  • To conserve cash to repay debt and therefore reduce interest costs.

The most common reason however is as a response to reduced actual earnings or to signal lower earnings ahead in the future. Share markets usually respond swiftly and viciously to unexpected dividend reductions and slash the share price accordingly.

An important thing to consider is whether the company has split its shares during the historical period of dividend evaluation. There will be a once of reduction in dividend at each share split so it is important to consider this reason for an apparent poor history of dividend performance.

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Stock Company Sector Dividend
Franking Yield Price
per Share
Star Rating
NHFNIB Hldgs21100.0%3.62%58029.91.42x
OZFSPDR 200 Financials89.457189.4%4.58%1955-186.71-2.09x
OZLOZ Min23100.0%2.46%93571.53.11x
OZRSPDR 200 Resources32.054295.0%3.58%1154-12.12-0.38x
PANPanoramic Res00.0%0%35.5-3.160.00x
PEAPacific Energy1100.0%3.28%612.942.94x
PETPhoslock Env Tec00.0%0%4400.00x
PFGPrime Financial0.6588.5%9.15%7.10.540.83x
PGCParagon Care3.1100.0%7.38%422.310.75x
PGHPact Grp Hldgs2365.0%8.85%260-86.4-3.76x
OSHOil Search14.88520.0%1.96%75831.722.13x
ORGOrigin Energy10100.0%1.33%75169.56.95x
NSRNatl Storage REIT9.40.0%5.45%172.51.910.20x
NSTNorthern Star11100.0%1.23%895322.91x
NTCNetComm Wireless00.0%0%108.54.520.00x
NWHNRW Hldgs4100.0%1.62%24714.93.73x
OEQOrion Equities00.0%0%19-11.990.00x
OFXOFX Grp5.64100.0%3.77%
OMHOM Hldgs50.0%5.21%9622.054.41x
PMCPlatinum Capital12100.0%5.68%158.5-8.3-0.69x
PMEPro Medicus9.595.8%0.38%184916.251.71x
PMVPremier Invest66100.0%3.98%165759.330.90x
QCBBetaShares Commods78.40980.0%9.73%806-144.56-1.84x
QFNBetaShares Au Financials48.407266.8%4.42%1094-54.05-1.12x
QOZBetaShares RAFI Au 20093.069939.3%6.9%1349154.321.66x
QREBetaShares Au Resources23.663680.9%3.73%634-27.99-1.18x
QUBQube Hldgs8.6100.0%1.94%28813.51.57x
QVEQV Equities7.496.7%4.08%105.53.990.54x
RCBRussell Au Sel Corp Bd56.34260.0%2.74%207238.120.68x
RCORoyalco Res00.0%0%23-0.530.00x
RCTReef Casino Tr20.280.0%6.9%29420.281.00x
REAREA Grp117100.0%1.43%818893.20.80x
REFReverse Corp5.588.5%0%3.4-1.08-0.20x
QBEQBE Insurance Grp5046.8%3.95%126541.020.82x
QANQantas Airways2975.9%4.07%541521.79x
PNCPioneer Credit12.02100.0%4.71%25524.412.03x
PPGPro-Pac Packaging2100.0%13.33%15-19.71-9.86x
PPKPPK Grp188.5%0.82%1222.12.10x
PROProphecy Intl00.0%0%24-2.290.00x
PRTPrime Media Grp00.0%0%
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