Capital 19 Stock BrokersCapital 19 was formed in 2007 to deliver Australian investors and traders a simple and lowest cost way to access the markets and knowledgeable help when you need it.

Capital 19′s goal is simple. To bring you the best product at the lowest price and offer the highest service they can. That’s why at Capital 19 you won’t find any call centres or automated telephone systems. If you want to speak to someone, simply give us a call and an advisor will be available to help you.

Their product and service package aims to deliver on Price, Service, Tools and Market Coverage.



  • Pricing is low and simple
  • They offer the same fees for online or phone trades
  • No extra fees for advanced order types
  • $15 Trades for Aussie or US stocks or options



  • Free Phone Trading
  • No call centres or automated telephone systems
  • Independent Research
  • Auto-Trade other advisory services
  • Full service Global Portfolio construction
  • Their customer service creed is “It’s our responsibility to go the extra mile for every
    customer and exceed their expectations”



  • Superior trading technology that delivers real advantages
  • One platform and account to cover all markets
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Trade directly from the chart
  • All clients get free access to our full suite of research
    and trading tools, just like the pros use

Market Coverage


  • One account to cover all markets
  • 90 exchanges, 19 countries
  • Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and CFDs
  • Fund with AUD and hold foreign assets

Low Cost, High Service is their aim. Many companies claim they have low transaction fees but then add in other fees later. Capital 19 like to keep things simple. The only fees you pay are for trade execution. There are no account keeping fees, or platform fees. They also don’t charge extra for different order types like stops.

Here are 19 Compelling Reasons to Trade with Capital 19

Capital 19 is an Australian securities trading firm specialising in Australian and international investments. They have access to over 19 overseas markets. Clients are able to buy and sell anything from Blue Chip Australian shares to shares listed on the Nasdaq or Canadian Venture Exchange. Simply put, in accessing global markets clients have a greater ability to capitalise on their investments.

Capital 19′s mission is to offer clients the right combination of personalised service, advanced trading software, low costs and superior industry knowledge of products with high profit potential.

1.    Low cost

All traders know commission charges for executing trades are unavoidable and eat into profits. The lower you can make them the better your returns will be. At Capital 19 you will find our simple, fair and low cost fees are if not the lowest, then amongst the lowest in the market

2.    Free Phone Trading

Not everyone wants to use an online platform. At Capital 19 you can speak to an experienced advisor who will place your trades for you at no extra cost. When was the last time you found a bank offering the same fees for online and personal service?

3.    Free complex order types like stops and trailing stops

Everyone knows how important it is to protect your capital and that is exactly what a stop loss order does. Most of our competitors charge you extra for what they consider a conditional order. Capital 19 just treat it like any other order type so you won’t pay extra for a stop loss order.

4.    Diversify away from Australia

97% of Australian share investors only invest in Australian shares. Australia makes up just 2% of the world’s opportunities. By limiting yourself to Australia you are missing out on the other 98%.  Capital 19 offers access to 19 different countries around the world. We are all told we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket but that is exactly what 97% of Australian shares investors are doing. It is far easier to invest in direct shares overseas than you would think. Capital 19 offers you the ability to spread your risk and invest in other countries apart from just Australia.

5.    Liquid Option Markets

The US is the most liquid equity market in the world. In Australia we have less than 100 shares with options available but the US has over 5000 shares with options. Experienced option traders will quickly realise the benefits of this liquid option market.

6.    One account for all your investing needs

Gone are the days when you need separate accounts for different products. The Capital 19 trading account gives you access to direct stocks, options, futures, forex and cash from one account. Now you can hold all assets under one umbrella and use what you want when you want.

7.    Proprietary research with market timing

The Capital 19 research area provides regular market updates and proprietary research. Just like a farmer there is a time to sow and a time to reap in the markets. Our analysts will guide you to these times with regular updates telling you when it is time to buy and when it is time to sell. This research is provided free of charge to any client that desires it.

8.    Personal advisors

We know no-one likes speaking to a call centre or even worse an automated telephone system. Every client at Capital 19 is assigned a personal advisor so you speak with the same person each time.  They don’t reserve this service for only the big fish. Every account, no matter how big or small, gets the same personal service to help with any questions you might have.  Their motto is, it is our responsibility to go the extra mile for every customer and exceed expectations.

9.    Professional investing assistance

If you don’t know where to start with overseas investing our Private Wealth Advisors can help you. They will work one-on-one with you to help build a diversified portfolio. Think of them as your personal investment advisors.

10.    Chart Trader

Technical analysis is a powerful investing technique used by professional and non-professional traders the world over.  All our platforms contain real time charting and our primary platform, C19 GlobalTrader, has a function we call ChartTrader. This allows you to place orders directly on the chart so you can set stops just below resistance etc by drawing a line on the chart rather than manually placing an order.

11.    Access explosive growth countries like China, India and Brazil

Even though the Australian market has been lacklustre at time in recent years, this is not true of the major growth areas in the world. Do you think it might be a good idea to invest part of your portfolio directly into Chinese companies experiencing massive growth? Capital 19 gives you this ability.

12.    Make money when the market goes down with shorting or ETFs

The traditional view of the market is you can only make money when stocks go up. But they don’t go up all the time. The GFC is proof of this. But it is possible to make money even when the market is going down.  Capital 19 gives you the ability to go short shares in most countries and profit as their price drops. Alternatively the US has a very developed ETF market. Not like the Australian ETF market which is still in its infancy.  There are ETFs in the US that go up when the market goes down.  Some even go up 3 times as fast as the market goes down.  Imagine how much money you could have made in 2008 if you had access to these ETFs

13.     Accounts covered by SIPC and protected with additional insurance

As a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), funds are available to meet customer claims up to a ceiling of $500,000, including a maximum of $250,000 for cash claims. For additional information regarding SIPC coverage, please visit In addition, our clearing firm has purchased an additional insurance policy through Lloyd’s of London to supplement SIPC protection. This additional insurance policy becomes available to customers in the event that SIPC limits are exhausted and provides protection for securities and cash up to an aggregate of $150 million, with a maximum limit of $30million per customer

14.    Trade from your PC, over the web, iPad or smart phone

Regardless of how you want to trade Capital 19 have a solution for you. Want to talk to someone- call us anytime, use your PC or mac – C19 GlobalTrader, access your account through a secure environment even when overseas at an internet cafe – Webtrader. Or what about whilst sitting on the train via your iPhone, that’s ok too.

15.    Tightest Forex spreads, typically just 1/2 a pip

Margin forex product is unlike any other in the market. FX quotes are provided by a panel of 9 banks. Capital 19 just take the highest bid and lowest offer from all 9 and display this for you. You can even see the market depth so know where the other banks are. We are not making this market ourselves which is a crucial difference and results in the tightest possible spreads.

16.    Maximum account security

Your Capital 19 investment holdings and cash are held securely on trust on your behalf by an independent Custodian. For Australian assets the current custodian is ABN Amro Nominees.

17.    Extremely fast execution

Speed of execution can make all the difference in a fast moving market. Our platform was rated #2 for speed of execution behind Goldman Sachs so you know your orders are being routed to market immediately.

18.    Smart order routing  which improves national best bid/offer by 27cents per 100 shares

On overseas exchanges it is possible to have the same share trading through different ECNs at slightly different prices at the same time. SMART routing technology searches all available ECNs at the time of your order to locate the best price and fastest execution for you. The result has been an improvement of 27bps over the national best bid/offer price giving you an advantage in the game.

19.    Market leading trading platform

No other platform gives you access to all products and 19 markets at the same time. Nor does any other platform offer you over 50 order types and real time portfolio reporting.

Open an account today to access Australian and International markets, receive excellent service, access the best trading and investment platform, while saving on your trading commissions.

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