Safe Dividend Shares

Dividend paying stocks are currently in high demand. This is due to the low yields available on alternative, low risk investments. The return of many fully franked, high yielding shares is almost twice the return on currently available term deposits.

But just how safe are these high yielding shares. A good start it to look at the history of annual dividend payments. A steady pattern of gradually increasing dividends without any large dividend falls or missed payments over a long period is ideally what we are looking for.

To be able to pay reliable dividends – year in, year out, companies must maintain or even increase profitability and maintain a reasonable, but not excessive payout ratio.

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Stock Company Sector Dividend
Franking Yield Price
per Share
Star Rating
TLSTelstra Corp26.5100.0%13.28%285321.21x
BLABlue Sky Alt Invest23100.0%12.45%26429.671.29x
CDMCadence Capital8100.0%9.18%124.516.32.04x
BENBendigo&Adelaide Bk69100.0%8.86%111294.681.37x
SKTSky Network TV18.50.0%8.81%21029.31.58x
CBACwlth Bank of Aust430100.0%8.71%7050574.421.34x
JBHJB Hi-Fi132100.0%8.02%2351184.11.39x
SULSuper Retail Grp46.5100.0%7.93%83850.51.09x
CMWCromwell Prop8.3550.0%7.81%10711.61.39x
PRTPrime Media Grp1.7100.0%7.59%322.81.65x
WAAWAM Active5.6100.0%7.31%
FSAFSA Grp7100.0%7.04%14211.781.68x
PTMPlatinum Asset31100.0%7.04%62932.941.06x
AYFAust Enhanced3544.9%7.01%595401.14x
CCLCoca-Cola Amatil4770.0%6.96%87859.81.27x
KMDKathmandu Hldgs11.4076100.0%6.76%24118.521.62x
TCOTransmetro Corp5100.0%6.61%10822.464.49x
AKGAcademies Aasia2100.0%6.49%444.752.38x
GOZGrowthpoint Prop21.90.0%6.37%34456.42.58x
APEAP Eagers36100.0%5.99%85850.31.40x
AUIAust United Invest34.5100.0%5.86%84137.11.08x
TGRTassal Grp15.5100.0%5.69%38935.222.27x
BWPBWP Tr17.60.0%5.66%31139.512.24x
CWNCrown Resorts6060.0%5.62%1342256.234.27x
MMSMcMillan Shakespr68100.0%5.59%173775.311.11x
EPWERM Power7100.0%5.57%179.527.123.87x
SNDSaunders Intl2100.0%5.55%51.52.441.22x
CHCCharter Hall Grp31.219.9%5.50%61645.111.45x
MFGMagellan Fin Grp91.7100.0%5.46%240094.81.03x
SSMService Stream6100.0%5.44%157.59.651.61x
OZFSPDR 200 Financials100.51416.4%5.40%1993106.781.06x
ONT1300 Smiles23.75100.0%5.36%63331.421.32x
MNDMonadelphous Grp60100.0%5.28%162370.971.18x
CLXCTI Logistics3.75100.0%5.20%1035.411.44x
ABPAbacus Prop Grp17.750.0%4.88%36436.522.06x
GLBGlobe Intl583.0%4.67%14514.452.89x
CCPCredit Corp Grp62100.0%4.67%1895126.12.03x
WBCWestpac Banking188-66.7%4.65%2885244.91.30x
WOWWoolworths Grp93100.0%4.58%2903137.731.48x
UOSUtd Overseas Aust30.0%4.55%668.172.72x
MLBMelbourne IT11100.0%4.54%34612.561.14x
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