Highest Yielding Shares

This is a list of the highest yielding shares listed on the ASX. The tool allows you to find potential dividend investment and trading candidates that meet your selection criteria. This is by no means a recommendation list, but merely an interesting start point for your own further evaluation.

On the contrary Dividend Yield should only be one part of your investment analysis and extremely high yields can indicate that the company is in trouble.

When considering yield there are several important things to look out for:

  • If a company’s shares offer a yield that seems too good to be true, then is probably is. Always do your due diligence before investing.
  • Check the Dividend Cover. This is the multiple of earnings to the annual unfranked dividend. Where a stock is paying out more than its earnings, the dividend may not sustainable in the long term.
  • Has the share price recently collapsed? This may indicate that the company has revised down its earnings forecasts in the current and possibly future years?
  • An extremely high yield should be investigated further as it could be due to stock recently undergoing a stock split. A recent stock split will cause the yield calculation to be grossly overstated.

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Stock Company Sector Dividend
Franking Yield Price
per Share
Star Rating
AIBAurora Global Inc Tr5.140.0%13.01%39.5-15.25-2.97x
VTGVita Grp12.1100.0%10.52%11518.91.56x
REXRegional Express4100.0%9.96%140.514.53.63x
BFGBell Financial Grp5.5100.0%9.68%
MOCMortgage Choice18100.0%9.42%19117.80.99x
AUPAurora Prop36.950.0%9.15%40400.00x
BELBentley Capital00.0%9.09%11-1.260.00x
GRRGrange Res1100.0%8.72%
SKTSky Network TV18.50.0%8.65%21029.31.58x
SIVSilver Chef35.1100.0%8.62%4079.110.26x
RXPRXP Services00.0%8.57%52.56.770.00x
LMWLandmark White4.85100.0%8.51%574.590.95x
GEMG8 Education22100.0%8.46%26018.920.86x
AODAurora Div Inc Tr1.27-20.5%8.37%60-0.81-0.64x
IBCIronbark Capital1.85100.0%8.13%481.851.00x
TLSTelstra Corp26.5100.0%8.07%285321.21x
GNGGR Engineering6100.0%7.86%1408.141.36x
CMWCromwell Prop8.3550.0%7.79%10711.61.39x
UNVUniversal Coal00.0%7.69%262.890.00x
VLWVilla World00.0%7.43%24928.70.00x
FMGFortescue Metals Grp36100.0%7.41%48661.261.70x
BOQBank of Qld84-50.8%7.28%104493.71.12x
NABNational Aust Bank198-66.7%7.22%2742194.70.98x
PFGPrime Financial0.9100.0%7.2%12.5-0.06-0.07x
SKISpark Infrastructure15.250.0%7.03%2175.270.35x
TRSThe Reject Shop24100.0%7.01%68543.51.81x
RCTReef Casino Tr22.50.0%7.01%32622.661.01x
CABCabcharge Aust14100.0%7%2009.160.65x
HITHitech Grp Aust00.0%7%1006.610.00x
GLBGlobe Intl583.0%6.9%14514.452.89x
GNEGenesis Energy00.0%6.87%22010.290.00x
CQRCharter Hall Retail280.0%6.81%41137.761.35x
CNICenturia Capital4.141.5%6.79%13723.075.63x
SXLSthn Cross Media7.75100.0%6.62%11712.821.65x
HVNHarvey Norman24100.0%6.58%36535.871.49x
WBCWestpac Banking188-66.7%6.52%2885244.91.30x
AIZAir New Zealand20.450.0%6.49%309.529.281.43x
MXIMaxiTRANS Ind3.5100.0%6.48%546.661.90x
CDMCadence Capital8100.0%6.43%124.516.32.04x
WAMWAM Capital15.25100.0%6.43%23714.870.98x
GOZGrowthpoint Prop21.90.0%6.37%34456.42.58x
CIWClime Invest1.5100.0%6.32%
WAXWAM Research9.25100.0%6.27%
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