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Forecast Next Dividend Date: Friday 30 August 2019
Days remaining until next forecast dividend: 130
This is only a forecast. Forecast ex-dividend dates are taken from company's website or by using previous ex-dividend dates as a guide. Please confirm ex-dividend date with your broker.

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Fundamental Data for WELLCOM GROUP LTD(WLL)

Sector: Commercial & Professional Services
Price: $5.00 (delayed)
Year High: $5.36
Year Low: $4.15
Market Capitalisation: $0.196 billion
Net Tangible Assets: $0.25 billion
Earnings per Share: 0.25 cents
Price Earnings Ratio: 15.8
Forecast Earnings Growth (5 years): 7.2% per annum
Dividend Cover: 1.43

Dividend Payment History for WELLCOM GROUP LTD(WLL)

Ex-Dividend Date Books Close Date Date Payable Amount Franking Franking Credit Gross Dividend Cum Div Price Gross Yield RoI


  • Care should be taken interpreting this chart as all dividend payments for final year may not have been paid.
  • The financial year that the dividend is allocated depends on the payment date of the dividend, not the ex-dividend date.
  • Dividend history has not been adjusted for any capital reconstructions which may have effected dividend entitlement per share.

Dividend News Articles for WELLCOM GROUP LTD(WLL)

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